Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Little Chill

We've just spent four days of pure, exhausting fun at Big Chill Festival at Eastnor Castle Deer Park.

This was a very well organised event: entry to and exit from the Festival was effortless, the Crew helped us lug our bags from the car to a camping pitch in the Family Area and two of them even lent a hand in putting up our tent, a feat that is always difficult alone on a (slightly) windy day. The weather was generally OK, with some heavy downpours of rain that didn't spoil the fun as there were so many undercover activities to enjoy.

The crowd was friendly and we met some new friends, the acts were excellent and the Little Chill Kids' Area offered a range of exciting things to do - painting, circus acts, bands, sandpit, model and costume making, storytellers, yoga, Baby Chill, dance ....

And we completed most of the challenges set by you. Thank you to all who took part in our Festival:

On Facebook, Laura said, "Challenge Lestie to skip on stage, and you to host a dinner party!" Sorry Laura, this is the closest we got to this one #fail:

Sweet Meal with Lynette and Tom

Swinging Poi at Deer Park Stage

@CocoBrownsCafe tweeted, "I want to know what your favourite food & drink was or just the best you see @BigChillFest. Inspiration for me!"

Lebanese Mezze of Fool Madamas, Batata Harrah, bulgar and salsa

On the original Weston-super-Mum blogpost, Keith Ramsey said, "Just go with the flow, relax and do whatever feels right"
Home sweet Home
Wheelbarrow Girl, Asleep

On twitter, @KarenBlakeArt said, 'Id like to see a phot of BOTH of you in the circus area of Little Chill, trying something new":

Spinning plates at the Big Top

Proud on our stilts Look! I can do it!

Thank you so much for these challenges, they made the experience all the more enjoyable at a Festival to be 100% recommended!

I've posted more photos on my Weston-super-Mum profile
The Big Chill Festival Website

- by Becky Condron


  1. All weekend your tweets sounded as if you were having a great time and these photos confirm it, the ones of you doing circus stuff are great, you look really happy

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves.

    Next time my challenge will involve a unicycle.

  3. Thanks for your comments, we did have a really lovely time :-)