Wednesday, 30 November 2011

North Somerset Women's Show REVIEW


Myself and Ashlene went to the North Somerset Women's Show last Sunday (20/11/11) over at Cadbury House, it was great! Lots of different exhibitors...Jewellery, hats, handbags, food, spiritualists, photographers, make-up name it, they had it! A great day for us mum's to get pampered! There was also different demonstrations going on throughout the day. Claire from "Just Brilliant – Supercharge your life!" talked about phobias…and managed to cure one lady that was scared of spiders, it was amazing!

We then saw Julia Croft, she’s a hypnotist, so I decided to be hypnotised…it was fantastic, it was so weird, she spoke very calmly and ask me to relax my body starting my head downwards, you could actually feel each body part relaxing, and Julia’s voice just sounded like mumble, but sub-consciously I knew what she was saying…then once I was fully relaxed, she started to wake me up, this time working upwards, it was so amazing, totally stress-free, I felt like a new person afterwards.

The next demonstration was by Kelly from the “Wine Tasting Company” based in Churchill, we got to try 3 different types of Wine, the white wine was nice, didn’t like the red wine, but then we got to try “chocolate wine”, it was absolutely delicious! I never realised there was so much to learn about wine!

We spoke to lots of exhibitors…the first one was “All Wrapped Up”, they sold beautiful little gift boxes personalised with messages. Then we spoke to two lovely ladies from “Slimming World”…Sharon Townsend and Christine Thorpe, they showed us pictures of themselves before Slimming World…such a transformation from then til now, they looked fantastic! Then we met Georgina from “Picture Framers”, she was the first person to recognise us from the “sofa”, we felt like celebrities! We then saw Diane from “Rose & Amber” in Meadow St, W-s-M, some beautiful jewellery, and very reasonably priced, we also got a free charm bead. Then spoke to Leslie from “Avocado”, she had a lovely selection of different foods, we had a sample of her “chutney” it was beautiful, she has done really well as she only started her business September/October time.

All in all it was a great day, and if there’s another show next year, I really recommend going!

- by Kelly Moss – Presenter @ Weston-super-Mum on the Sofa


On Sunday 20th November 2011 Kelly and I attended the show on behalf of Weston-super-Mum. We were kindly invited by Caroline as we interviewed her on the sofa the week before.

The show catered for many women of all ages, as the show included Fashion makeup, Jewellery and many other wonders of the world... For example we meet a lovely lady at Salt Yourself Out who gave us samples of salts, and peppers from the ancient worlds, from Peru, India and even black Hawaiian lava sea salt, which comes from a small Volcano.

We tasted many samples and the experience was amazing the taste buds in your mouth exploded.

There was also a familiar face to Weston at the show the lady from Rose and Amber where Diane knows what she is talking it comes to fashion.

Many of demonstrations were put on in the upper level and we did attend a few. For Example we adored the Wine tasting demo where I really have learnt a lot about wines that I never knew. And for the first time I actually tasted my first red wine which in fact didn’t taste at all bad.

While at the event Kelly and I were recognised from Weston-super-Mum show which was shown to the stall holders and it was an amazing feeling. The first person whom Recognised us was a lady from Picture framers Georgina .

As we arrived to the show we were greeted by Caroline who really made us welcome.

Another of the demonstrations was for NLP ... Supercharge your life. Basically N=Thought emotion L=Communicate body language. P=Habitual way of phobia and Behaviour. This NPL was developed in the 80s and to be honest I really think that this works. This demo put on by Justbebrilliant.

The overall experience of the day was Fantastic and I know that Kelly and Myself really enjoyed it and to be recognised as Celebs was just the best.

So Ladies Go Enjoy when the next show comes to town… Well Worth it....

by Ashlene Bishop - Presenter @ Weston-super-Mum on the Sofa

Now watch that interview with Caroline Sparks

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Newsletter - 29th November 2011

This Saturday, 3rd December, is our Christmas Coffee & Bounce at Vintage Community Church (the old Purple Sheep). Author Amy Trevaskus will be reading from the new Ping and Pong book, Santa! We will be making Christmas decorations and cards with the children and, don't forget, this is our last Weston-super-Share collection of the year so please bring your food and toiletry items to help support other local families. See you there, 10-2

Win a family ticket for 4 to see Bath Time at Tobacco Factory Theatre!

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* Review of Gail Richardson's new ecological, educational book for children, I am Going to Save the World

* Photo of the WsMum Children in Need Pajama Party in Weston Mercury! (18/32)

* Children's Theatre comes to the Blakehay, Weston! And Weston-super-Mum are joining in with the creative fun.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I am Going to Save the World – Written and Illustrated by Gail Richardson

My daughter and I sat together and read this on the computer as an ebook. She wanted to take sole control of the mouse, so I read aloud while she listened and did the all-important page turning.

I am Going to Save the World is written in clear, accessible language for children, whether it’s read to younger ones by parents or read by older ones themselves. The illustrations are sweet and tell us everything we need to know, complementing the writing perfectly.

I quizzed my five year old on some of the ecological issues as they arose and was so impressed to find out that yes, she did know about composting, recycling and leaving only footprints! We finished the book, she asked a couple of questions and then we read it again. This time, before I read the words I thought I’d see what she remembered of the story. She’d been paying attention and the message had sunk in quickly: wear a jumper if you’re cold instead of turning on the heating; take bags with you to the supermarket to save plastic and when you leave the room, turn off the lights.

This book is fully engaging and not only did we both enjoy reading it but, afterwards, she sat at the computer with her pencils and paper to copy some of the illustrations and words.

She reckons her cousin, Joel, would like I am Going to Save the World for Christmas and she’s put in an order with me for a hard copy to call her own, which she’ll be probably reading to herself by then. It’s a done deal because Gail Richardson’s work is already saving me money in energy bills!

By Becky

Order a copy of I am Going to Save the World here.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Newsletter - 21st November

Apes and Debbie organised a very successful Children in Need night at Vintage Community Church (the old Purple Sheep) and raised £116.37. Great to see so many families there, thanks all for coming and for your generosity. Here are the winners of the colouring competition - brilliant photo, taken by Apes!

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* Do you have any questions on how to keep your children safe? The No-Secrets Team is at Barcode every Thursday 10-12, as part of the WsMum Cafe with Toys drop-in. All welcome, it's free and the Brandon Trust serve coffee and cake :-)

* New at Barcode - Just for Dads Drop-in, organised by Weston Central Children's Centre. This Saturday, 26th November, 10-12.

* Denise has more baby clothes/items than she knows what to do with. Does anyone know of a local charity/refuge she can pass them to?

* Debbie tells us the Splat Messy Play this week is Winter Wonderland :-)

* New Competition!! Win a family ticket for 4 to see Bath Time at Brewery Theatre, Bristol, this December.

* We're sourcing raffle prizes for our Christmas Coffee & Bounce, if any local parents and businesses could donate a little something. Thanks x

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