Sunday, 31 July 2011

Little Chill at the Big Chill at Eastnor Castle Deer Park

At the beginning of June, we wetted our appetite for summer festivals as mother and daughter at Sunrise Celebration Festival in Somerset.

I learned a few things:

· That a wheelbarrow adorned with soft and colourful blankets is a very good idea when you have a small child who may want to have a rest/get noticed.

· That it’s sensible to have no plans and to go with the flow

· To eat little and often

· To get there as close to the beginning of the festival as you can, so as to ease small child in gently.

· To not worry if she wants to play in the tent when it first goes up. This should be seen as part of that acclimatisation process; there’s plenty of time for the Madness.

· To dress her in patterned clothing and definitely nothing white

· That asking people to set challenges is really very enjoyable, especially when it comes to the inevitable tweeting-through-festival.

So, as we prepare for our second festival of the summer – The Big Chill at Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Herefordshire – I invite you to link in to their website (link below), have a look around and set us more challenges to do while we’re there. Again, take into consideration that I have a 5 year old with me and limited financial resources.

The Big Chill has a festival within a festival, The Little Chill, which has ‘entertainment laid on especially for younger audiences as well as housing the family camping area and facilities’ - and this is where we are sure to be spending much of our time.

The Little Chill sounds very exciting, with illustrators and authors, dance and drama workshops, a circus area, the Enchanted Garden WITH GIANT UV BUTTERFLIES J, bands and, get this, Caberet! Tom Baker will be there. Tom Baker! One of my Doctor Whos.

The link to the Little Chill is here.

I’ll be documenting much of this via twitter @Dr_Reba

What do you want us to do? We will endeavour to rise to the occasion.

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  1. I'm going to be boring again and repeat what I said before you went to Sunrise Celebration: just go with the flow, relax and do whatever feels right.

    You deserve a break after all the things you've been organising for us in Weston lately, so just, er, chill...