Thursday, 26 May 2011

Sunrise Celebration Festival - 2-5 June 2011

- By Becky Condron

I am stupidly excited!

We're going to the Sunrise Celebration Festival, held not far from Weston on a farm close to Bruton in our very own Somerset countryside. Next week - 2nd to 5th June!

I have no worries that my 4 year old daughter and I will be travelling to and arriving at this very chilled out, family friendly festival on our own. It promises to be the sort of place where it's so easy to meet other, like-minded families with plenty of new friends for us to play with.

Part of the vision of Sunrise Celebration is to strengthen communities and I'm a great believer in that, it's exactly what Weston-super-Mum is achieving after all.

But which arena to try first? Besides the music there is just so much to do. The Forest Garden sounds interesting - a school area, plenty of opportunity for fun learning and the Green Man story teller. Or there's the Village Green with its playground, twinkling labyrinth and scented garden. There's even a Conscious Birthing Group, though maybe I should give that a miss, as even I can get broody.

The Sunrise Kids' area has workshops and a child-friendly cabaret. So much colour, life and spectacle to be experienced.

As for Performance Art, we're promised "wandering minstrels, sword-drawing cavaliers, stilt walkers, fire dancers and poets." Wow. "Expect the unexpected," is just about the best warning I have ever heard, given the context.

There is also a fancy dress theme. Ready? .... Steampunk Time Travelling. Erm

I have a favour to ask and I know that I could live to regret this but I invite all of you to set me a challenge. Head over to the Sunrise Celebration website (link below) and think of something that you'd like us to do at the Festival. Something ridiculous, wacky, daring or exciting. Please bear in mind that I have a 4 year old with me so keep it safe, inexpensive and practical and leave your challenge below. The winner will be pulled out of a hat and announced by Brad Burton from 4Networking on Tuesday 31st May at Weston-super-Mum's Go Wild in the Woods at the Water Tower. OMG, OMG, OMG!!

I will take loads of photos to evidence us rising to the challenge and, on our return, I'll let you all know how we got on. How could I not?

I'd also like to ask for your advice. I have been to plenty of festivals and I'm savvy but I've never been with a young child before. Do you have any tips to make this even more enjoyable than it promises to be anyway? Food to take? Accessories we might need? How to pace ourselves? What to do if she gets tired? Thank you.

And if anyone else is going, please send me a FB message (Becky Condron) or look me up on WsMum and we can hook up, if you like. I have space for 3 max in the back of my car if anyone wants to lift-share.

Here's Sunrise Celebration's website:

They also have a Facebook page, just type "Sunrise Celebration" into the search box

Look forward to reading your tips and challenges. I think ;-)


  1. You must find the giant tortoise, climb inside it, eat some grapes and have an aromatherapy spritzer. But you MUST both be wearing novelty rabbit ears for the entire duration of your ride

  2. I'm certain you are going to have a fab time. I'm hoping the weather will be a bit better for you, but make sure you have wellies and waterproofs just in case.
    Take loads of snacks that don't go off, a tupperware full of flapjacks, rice cakes, avocados, bananas, apples... whatever is fairly nourishing and sustaining that your daughter enjoys. Freeze a couple of pints of milk and keep it in a coolbag so you can have cereal each morning.
    If she get tired take a siesta or do something mellow like storytelling... just go with the flow!
    There's lots of tips online and browse the blogs on our website too.
    Keep warm, dry, watered and fed and you are bound to have an amazing and inspiring time
    Romany x

  3. I'm going to be boring.

    Just go with the flow, relax and do whatever feels right, so it will be an experience that C remembers for the rest of her life.

    And try to see System 7, of course!

  4. Holly say "Make a friend (both or either of you) and become their penpal. None of this internet nonsense. A genuine letter writing, post receiving, smile inducing pen pal."

  5. On Facebook, Ted says "Challenge: don't get drunk! and that goes for you too Becky! Enjoy. xxxx"

  6. I hope you get Holly's now and not mine! Will you please do Holly's anyway?

  7. I have decided to attempt all of the above challenges. Thanks very much for setting them