Saturday, 7 May 2011

Ping and Pong - Grow

My Book review of Ping and Pong, Grow by Amy Trevaskus, Illustrated by Alison Heath

by Aidan Bishop, aged 11

Ping and Pong are Lucy's imaginary friends who live in a clock ... a Grandfather clock.

What Happened:
Ping and Pong go on a trip with lucy and her grandfather to the allotments (where people can grow food like Mr Bloom's Nursery) and find out how to grow food and Vegetables.
Then Ping and Pong go on a trip with the bees who have fun.
My little brother who is 3 years old pointed to the bees and said "Buzzzzz." So happy he enjoyed that part.

After that they helped Lucy to plant some seeds, Then Ping and Pong went home to bed in there clock house after a long day of fun.

The pictures in the book were colourful and child friendly and it followed the story.

Aidan's opinion:
I think this book is a very good book for young children and they will want it to be read again and again, I also enjoyed reading it with my Brothers and sister on a rainy Saturday morning.


  1. Fantastic review aidan xx well done xx xx

  2. well done my boy xxxxx