Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Three Little Pigs at the Brewery Theatre, Bristol

"Following last year’s sell-out success and multiple sell-out performances of The Little Red Hen and The Enormous Turnip, the inexhaustible Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company bring us a brand new re-telling of the favourite children’s story"
(via the Tobacco Factory Theatre website)

We opened our picnic before the train even left Weston-super-Mare station: I was just amazed that the sandwiches went before the chocolate. My daughter was so excited - a train journey AND a trip to the theatre to see Three Little Pigs.

The walk to the Brewery Theatre in North Street was NOT 20 minutes from Temple Meads, as the website promises. Well, not with a 4 year old skipping and pulling and stopping to point at the river. But it was do-able and we'd allowed ourselves plenty of time. It was all part of the day.

Once in, we sat in anticipation, surrounded by lots of other enthusiastic little people and chilled out parents, who must have known that this theatre is perfected suited to the smaller variety of the species - the angle of the seats makes sure that everyone can see the stage, eyes well clear of those in front, no "Mummy, I can't see! Can I sit on your lap?"

The music was jazzy, old school, fun. We waited, the seats filling up around us and then ... here's Gwen and Adam, our actors, dancers, comperes, mime-artists, fun-givers and puppeteers, dressed in the most ridiculously English old-fashioned with a 70s twist outfits.

The pigs introduced themselves and built a house of straw to knowing giggles from the audience. But, oh dear, here comes Adam, dressed in a grey furry coat and red sunglasses, deplete of Bacon Fries, fresh out of PIG. Do we know of any pigs around here?

"Yes, behind you," screamed young voices. Oh, no! The pigs are supposed to be our friends, we should be protecting them, shouldn't we? But so goes the show and what a fun-packed hour. My companion just sat there, mouth hanging wide open for almost the duration of the show, she didn't miss a heartbeat. Although, I would like to borrow Gwen and Adam because when they told the kids to hide, the wolf was coming, she took a dive to the floor, ducked behind the seat in front and pulled her coat over her foetal positioned little body. Marvellous, such commandeers.

The interaction of the audience was spot on in a pantoesque sense and they were all completely absorbed. So many children, from babies to about 7, and no crying - how DO they do that?

Thanks Gwen and Adam. That's the best £6 each you could spend!

Three Little Pigs is on at the Brewery Theatre until Saturday 26th February. Various showings

- Review by Becky Condron

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  1. If you do ever go to the Tobacco/Brewery Theatre with kids, I'd really recommend Greville Symth Park at the end of North Street (where it meets Coronation Rd) - it's only a 5 minute walk and some very interesting play things to go on!