Friday, 4 February 2011

Fairies with Attitude! The Valentine's Fae by Emma Shortt

I’ve always been an avid reader but, just lately, I’ve been stuck for what to read, so few books managing to hold my attention. Recently, I tend to open the pages, only to find myself switching off almost immediately, not being one to force the issue, knowing that life is far too short. But after trying out Emma Shortt’s new romantic novella, I seem to have overcome this inability to concentrate for any given length of time.

In fact, with The Valentine’s Fae, just the opposite happened: I didn’t want to stop reading. Romantic, sexy fiction isn’t a genre I usually find myself browsing, so this short magical tale took me by surprise.

The story centres on the Valentine’s Fairy, Amelia: confidence-deficient, gawky, vulnerable, kooky, rebellious Amelia. We can see that she’s beautiful but she hasn’t realised it yet. Sent reluctantly by the Fae Council to the human world, armed with fae magic, to grant one wish on Valentine’s Day, she lands up as secretary to the “impossible, hot, annoying, hot, infuriating” Gavin Peters. Now, all Amelia has to do is discover his one true Valentine’s wish.

Emma Shortt writes with wit and originality and, at some points in the story, I had to let out a little cheer and a clap of the hands. The Valentine’s Fae is deliciously sexy and keeps the reader right on the edge, eyes not daring to leave the page. This fairy tale for adults flows effortlessly and it kept me gripped to the very end. And that is something to be celebrated!

Now, I just need to get hold of some of that fae dust ...

The Valentine’s Fae is currently available as an ebook and is published by Evernight Publishing.

For more of Emma Shortt's writing, check out her blog and her website.

Review by Becky Condron

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  1. Thanks so much Becky, I appreciate your kind words.