Monday, 19 April 2010

Introducing real life super-Mum, Claire Palmer

At home, Claire is mummy to her 3-year old son, Leo. At work, Klair is a singer with soul. Here, the Dutty Girl gives us a window on her busy life.

What makes you smile? My little son Leo :)

What annoys you? Judgemental people who don’t give you a chance!

Where, in Weston, do you like to take Leo? In the summer, the beach and Grove Park and other times, Baby Break Cafe and the Purple Sheep Centre

Who has been your biggest inspiration personally? My parents: they are awesome. They are grafters and they give so much love to all of our family.

Who has been your biggest inspiration professionally? My dad. He was in a band when I was growing up. He now has a recording studio and has always helped me to focus on becoming a professional singer. He helps me out a lot. Thanks Dad!!!!

How do you juggle work and motherhood? It’s hard sometimes, but I manage. Leo’s a good boy and my parents are superstars!!

How would you best describe your sound? Soulful, Heartfelt and Powerful!

Tell us about Dutty Girl. Dutty Girl are a crew from Bristol that musically span a multitude of genres from Hip Hop, Dubstep to Grime, Drum n Bass, Bassline, Funky and Dancehall. We do things our own way, with our own sense of home-girl haute couture style! Providing our audiences with an alternative from the overtly male-dominated scene and bringing a light-hearted, cheeky and feminine approach whilst always taking seriously our music and our audience's enjoyment.

What’s the weirdest gig you’ve ever done? Probably my first big gig with my friend Emma. That felt weird!!! It was a charity gig in Clevedon ...... on a trailer!! One minute the place was dead, the next thing we knew the entire sea front was full of people watching us! We even got called back on to do another set!!!

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever had? “You’re the best singer we’ve ever heard!’’

Who would you most like to meet? Beyoncé

What are your hopes for the future? Simply to make a good living out of what I enjoy doing, to be happy and to make Leo proud of me

Klair will be performing her very own set live at Grove Park Bandstand, Weston, on Bank Holiday Monday, May 31st, 14:30-16:30

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  1. What a fantastic person this mum is, and Leo is a little star, well done girl