Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Weston-super-Mum Does Sports Relief

A few of us met at the Silica, aka the Carrot, so that we wouldn't get lost in the crowds, though the way a couple of us were dressed, that was unlikely to happen.

For Sports Relief this year, Debbie Smith organised a small but dedicated group of Weston-super-Mums to join the rest of Weston in running a mile from the Grand Pier to the Seaquarium along the beach and then back again on the promenade.

We were all so excited to step onto the half-built Grand Pier dressed as Superheroes, among us Wonder Woman, an unimpressed 9-month old Princess Leia, two Supergirls (one of whom maybe should know better, the other was three years old), Sportacus, SuperFairy, an extra cute Superbaby and Glasto Girl, plus one dad and three Supergrannies without costumes but with amused expressions.

We got our foot in the door of the Pier, amid the near-frenzy of hundreds of fellow Westonians, some serious in their running shoes and shorts and others, like us, in ridiculous fancy dress: the prize really should go to the man dressed as a Curly Wurly, even though he scared the superpants off of one of our younger team members.

You could tell that our team was more serious about dressing up and having fun than about coming in in record time as we waited, fizzy drinks in hand, chatting instead of doing our warm up exercises. And then we were off. Well, in fact, we weren't because we thought we should wait until those with stopclocks and determination on their faces got their race well underway first so as not to get trampled underfoot.

We dutifully took our place near the back of the hoards, pushing buggies and holding tiny hands. The sun shone down gloriously, quite remarkable considering the weather 24 hours before. Wonder Woman was thrilled that Theo Paphitis spoke to her as we passed him but 3-year old Sportacus got a strop on about a totally unrelated incident, I'm sure.

We didn't run the mile, we didn't even walk it, we toddled - our very own Sports Relief Toddle. One circuit equalled one mile and so we were overtaken by the fit people running the three mile race: in fact, some madmen and women overtook us twice! A very nice man dressed as a horse chased Superfairy and Sportacus until they looked a little worried and we witnessed 5 girls painted blue tied together so they only had six legs between them fall over time and again.

It was great fun and we all deserved an ice-cream at the finish line! Furthermore, we raised over £150 for Sports Relief: Ker-pow!! A super-douper thank you to everyone who sponsored us.


  1. "so far it looks like Weston-super-Mare is a pretty welcoming place for breastfeeding mums!"

    I was wondering on behalf of my fiancee where in weston town center can you breastfeed. The only place i knew of was mothercare which now uses the room as a stock room.
    The sovering has a small dank room that is usually locked/out of order, (how can an empty room be out of order?) which now doesnt have a toilet. This room is also helpfully used by janitors as a shortcut to storerooms.

  2. Hi

    We've got a discussion up on our Community Wall to discuss this very issue! http://www.westonsupermum.com/group/breastfeeding

    So far, we have determined that Loves Cafe in West Street (off High St, Playhouse end) is welcoming and one mum has found privacy in the new booths of McDonalds!!!

    It is a topic that needs further research, so I'm going to put this question up right now on our Facebook page (link to right of this page).

    Please pass our Community website link onto your fiancee, I'm sure she'd get much out of it!

  3. I became a fan of your fb page yday and have signed up my fiancee. XD