Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I am Going to Save the World – Written and Illustrated by Gail Richardson

My daughter and I sat together and read this on the computer as an ebook. She wanted to take sole control of the mouse, so I read aloud while she listened and did the all-important page turning.

I am Going to Save the World is written in clear, accessible language for children, whether it’s read to younger ones by parents or read by older ones themselves. The illustrations are sweet and tell us everything we need to know, complementing the writing perfectly.

I quizzed my five year old on some of the ecological issues as they arose and was so impressed to find out that yes, she did know about composting, recycling and leaving only footprints! We finished the book, she asked a couple of questions and then we read it again. This time, before I read the words I thought I’d see what she remembered of the story. She’d been paying attention and the message had sunk in quickly: wear a jumper if you’re cold instead of turning on the heating; take bags with you to the supermarket to save plastic and when you leave the room, turn off the lights.

This book is fully engaging and not only did we both enjoy reading it but, afterwards, she sat at the computer with her pencils and paper to copy some of the illustrations and words.

She reckons her cousin, Joel, would like I am Going to Save the World for Christmas and she’s put in an order with me for a hard copy to call her own, which she’ll be probably reading to herself by then. It’s a done deal because Gail Richardson’s work is already saving me money in energy bills!

By Becky

Order a copy of I am Going to Save the World here.

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