Sunday, 20 March 2011

Time Out From Anger - Lighthouse.

On 10th March I began a parenting course at St. Paul's church on Walliscote road. The course is led by Julie Lanham, who works for an organisation called Lighthouse. I saw the course advertised on the Weston-super-Mum website and I would like to tell other Mums and Dads about how helpful I am finding it.

The title of the course is "Time out from anger". I think that some people may be put off by this title. It can be really difficult for people to accept that they get angry sometimes. The course is aimed at parents but the issues are ones that we face in all aspects of life. As a parent of over 5 years I understand that some parents feel they need to hide their feelings and pride can stop themselves seeking help. There is no instruction manual for this important role and we are all trying to cope in our own way.

The course is 4 sessions long. The first 2 deal with our own anger (as parents) The last 2 help us to cope with anger in our children. Each week there is discussion about why we feel so upset and ways we can deal with situations (for example, how to explain things to our children) There is also advice about having a break from your children, doing exercise or other relaxation etc.

Many of us who are attending the course have felt a lot better just by talking things through with other parents. We have been very open about our feelings. For instance, It can be reassuring to know that someone else has felt very hurt when their child refuses to eat the meal they have cooked.

For more information on this and other courses available see the web site.

Review by Weston-super-Mum, Emma Hartley

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  1. I've been doing the "Time Out For Juniors" course with Lighthouse, also at St Paul's Church. This is an 8 week course that looks at parenting styles, child's temperament, behaviour, discpline and how to boost the parent/child relationship, focussing on kids of primary school age.

    The course, also facilitated by Julie, has been so helpful and gives me a chance to reflect on my relationship with my daughter, letting me step outside and look objectively at how we behave towards each other and how I might be able to tweak some of my techniques to the benefit of both of us. This course gives me focus and I, also, would recommend these parenting courses to anyone who can get to them. It's also been great to hear the perspective of other parents and to know that we all struggle from time to time!

    The Lighthouse website gives details of times and dates of their courses, which take place in different areas and at various times.